The Merino & Jumbuck symbol of the stylised ram’s head and radiant crown reflects the classic Greek mythological story of Jason and the Golden Fleece.  This classic association is in recognition of the 35 year Greek heritage of “Ktena Knitting Mills” which evolved into Merino & Jumbuck in 2013.
The Golden Fleece is a perfect analogy for pure merino wool.  Not only does it represent the gold standard in wool and textiles, fleece was also historically used in gold mining as a means of sifting fine gold particles. The gold would attach itself to the fleece before being collected, literally presenting itself as a golden fleece!   

The name Merino & Jumbuck embodies our strong Australian foundations and the exceptional quality of our products.  Pure Australian merino wool is the softest, most luxurious natural fibre, providing us with beautiful, authentically Australian garments and accessories.  ‘Jumbuck’, a uniquely Australian term for ‘sheep’, fits perfectly with our commitment to exclusive Australian manufacture using 100% pure Australian merino wool.

Both of these words evoke a strong sense of heritage, authenticity and value - a true reflection of our identity.